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ETFE Business

ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) is a high-polymer material containing fluorinated thermoplastic
that is eco-friendly and has excellent durability and penetrability.

ETFE Technical Data

Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength: 40 MPa or greater

Tearing strength: 400 N/mm or greater

Elongation: 300% or more

Durability Performance

25 years or longer

Heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, thermal resistance: Good

Initial properties do not change even after long-term usage


Transparency of ETFE is between 40% (min) - 97% (max)

Thermodynamic Performance,
U-Values (W m/K)

Single layer: approx. 7.0

Dual cushion: approx. 3.5

Triple cushion: approx. 2.0